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If I install a new stereo, can I still use my steering wheel controls?
Absolutely! All you need is a specific adapter, that we will install with your new stereo system!
How can I be sure the radio I want will fit into my dash?
What’s the difference between using an aux cable and a USB connector?
How much power do I need for my new speakers?
While manufacturers give a range of RMS, or continuous, power that will work for the speaker, getting towards the upper end of that power range or even exceeding it yields the best results. That said, a speaker with a lower RMS power range will be more suitable for powering with a factory or aftermarket stereo, while a higher RMS range will work better with an external amplifier.

With an external amplifier, you should pick an amp with a power rating in the upper end of your speaker’s power range. For example, if a speaker is rated to handle up to 35 watts of RMS power, it will perform closer to optimum as your power source approaches delivery of 35 watts.

What difference do cone materials make?
Will my factory radio power a set of aftermarket speakers?
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